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Announcing the contest I of Microteatro "LENEO"
1 - The theme of all the works have referenced an art gallery or events that may happen in ella.2 - you can participate in the competition any resident author at the Baleares.3 Islands - works will be presented in catalan and Spanish, and shall be original and have not been presented in any other competition, with a maximum length of 4 pages. There can be no more than 2 characters in the work. Each author may send only a work to concursar.4 - the period of the texts is from March 16 until April 16. Any text delivered out of Convocation shall be deleted from the concurso.5 - works should be sent to the correos:Info@artmallorca.esCromlecultura@gmail.comDebe included in the message: - title of the work - part text - author name-phone number-email contact-statement that history is original.7 - if any of these requirements is not met, will void the participation of the entrant that has them infringido.8 - 2 texts will be selectedin catalan and in Castilian, to be represented in the month of June, as indicated in item 11.9 - selected works will be chosen by a jury composed of the Mallorcan poet Antonina Canyelles, whose work "Putes i Consentits" has been recently adapted to the theatre, and Bernat Pujol, director Theatre Group of the ONCE and l' Adoració dels Reis that he is held every ano.10 - the jury's decision will be known on April 30 and the results will be published in Art Mallorca and Cromlech culture social networks, as well as in the sponsors of the concurso.11 - 2 selected works will be represented day 5, 12, 19 and 26 starting from 2015 hours in the Gallery Art Mallorca.

Fecha: 1426464000
Hora: 20h


I Concurso de Fotografía PHÕS
Participating entities: Mallorca Art and Culture Cromlech, with the collaboration of firms Tot Herbe, Flor d'Ametler and castanets.
1. The theme of the contest is: "Meetings of love and hate."

2. You can enter the contest anyone over 18 and resident in the Balearic Islands.

3. Photos must be original and each author contestant may submit one photo in color or black and white, made with a digital camera and must meet the following requirements:

- The photos must be JPG files.
- Must have a minimum size of 800 X 600 px and a maximum weight of 512 Kb

The photographs may not be altered electronically or by any other means. Photomontages will not be accepted. Minimum brightness and color corrections are permitted.

4. Participants must submit the photographs to the following emails:

With photography the following information must be attached:

- Name of contestant
- Email address Contact
- Contact telephone
- Image title

5. As the pictures are received, will be published in the Facebook of Mallorca Art, Culture and Barrí Cromlech de l'Art.

6. The date of dispatch of the images begin on January 2 until January 23 at 20 am.

From 24 to 30 January will be decided by the jury the 20 finalist photographs, and communicated to each and every one of the contestants they reach that stage.

From 3 to February 14, 2015 will remain exposed in Mallorca Art Gallery, and for this the 20 finalists must submit the duly framed photographs, with the same format of 20 x 30.

The delivery thereof are set on January 31 from 10.30 to 13.30, and on 2 February 1630 to 20 hours in the Art Gallery Mallorca, street Missio, 26 Palma.

7. Since the 20 finalists of the contest will have their works exhibited in the Gallery for a period of two weeks, a fee of 5 € per participant shall for advertising expenses and exposure.
This amount shall be entered in the c / c no. It is 560004434218006942 2520, Caixa Colonya, stating your name.

8. On February 3 to 20 will proceed to inaugurate the exhibition, and from that day shall be granted a popular vote for the election of the winning photo, by the audience, and anyone going going to contemplate exposure.

9. The jury and his failure will be released on February 13 at 20 hours, a day before the end of the exhibition of the finalists photographs.

10. The authors of the photographs presented not cede the exclusive rights of reproduction to the organization to use the images on your pages for the mere purpose of making known to all contestants, finalists and winner.

Prize: A batch of signature Tot Herbe, another batch of signature Flor d'Ametler and unique design of a strap or bag for man or woman signing Castañuela.

Fecha: 1423785600
Hora: 20
Lugar: galeria artmallorca C Missió 26 Palma.
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Fecha: 1419206400
Hora: 20h
Lugar: galeria Artmallorca C Missió 26 Palma.


“BESOS” I Concurso de fotografía ArtMallorca “SAN VALENTIN 2014”

Fecha: 1392332400
Hora: 19:00h
Lugar: galeria Artmallorca C Missió 26 Palma.


Fecha: 1383346800
Hora: 09:00


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